Holly Gair


Holly, under the guidance of her stepfather, Stephen Gair, regularly competes around the country on her team of competition horses. 

Holly is also a coach passing on her knowledge and expertise to her younger team of Bowes showjumpers. 


Lucy Gair


Lucy, daughter of Stephen Gair, has a history of working with horses and competing as a showjumper under her fathers guidance. She has a passion for teaching and passing on her valuable knowledge. 


Lorraine Brown


With years of equestrian history and knowledge, Lorraine has followed her dreams of becoming an equestrian coach and brings enthusiasm and a passion to teach to our riders of all ages. 


The Bowes Squad

Leaders and assistants

Our squad go through lots of training to enable them to become a valued member of our riding school.  They are all invaluable and each one of them ensures our riders have the best experience.